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icona c30be60Model C30 is the top of our range. It a product for those who need a prefabricated insulated modular container when dealing with extreme situations. The 30/10 mm thick galvanized steel frame makes this model particularly strong and suitable for stacking (up to two floors). The modular container is available in any of the RAL colours and, like the other models, it can be customized with the addition of bathrooms (WC only), internal walls, air conditioning/heating and lighting suitable for any need. With the modular container C30 it is possible to build very effective and, above all, durable complexes. If you need a top product, C30 is definitely the one for you.


Data Sheet


Dimensions External Internal
Length  (roof profile) 3,055 ….9,055 mm 2,830.… 8,830 mm
Width  ( roof profile) 2,438 mm 2,218 mm
Height 2.462 > 2.662 > 2.962 mm 2,200 > 2,300 > 2,500 > 2,700 mm


● Galvanized steel frame base profile thk 3.0 mm ;
● Galvanized steel structural columns (corner posts) thk 3.0 mm ;
● Polyurethane wall panels thk 50mm between two micro-corrugated galvanized steel plates, colour RAL 9002 white /grey
● Type 1: polyurethane roof panels thk 40+40 mm between two micro-corrugated galvanized steel plates, colour RAL 9002 white /grey
● Type 2: External roof made of corrugated galvanized metal sheets . The smooth short side sloops facilitate the drainage of the rain water and guarantee a higher thermal and acoustic insulation . The roof is flat and made of polyurethane sandwich panels thk 50 mm, between two micro-corrugated galvanized steel plates, colour RAL 9002 white/grey
● Lifting plates ;
● Optional: fork lift for the lifting and handling of the unit ;
● The flooring's insulation is made of a corrugated plate with rockwool infills ;
● The roof profile and gutters are aligned . Type 2: Internal PVC downpipes Ø 40 mm ;
● Structure is assembled and welded or wrapped and bolted ;
● Colour of the structure is RAL 9002. Upon request, a different colour can be chosen with no extra cost in case of more than 7 units .


● Floor made of flame retardant chipboard plywood panels thk 18 mm ;
● Floor is covered with a linoleum sheet, fixed with a special mastic glue ;
● The flooring's insulation is made of a corrugated plate with rockwool infills .


Electrical installation is HIDDEN;
● Electrical main board with circuit breaker and adequate differential thermal magnetic switch;
● 1 external junction box;
● Internal neon ceiling lights 2x36W with switch, according to the customer's needs;
Embedded bivalent sockets 10/16A IP44 , according to the customer's needs.

Modular Units Estimated
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